Turquoise Large Flake Glitter (Holographic Glitter Hexagons) - Mermaid Tantrums

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Turquoise Tantrums are chunky holographic hexagons in a blue-green sheen, designed to bounce light off of them. They where named after our friend Sophie, who dropped her pot of them in the sink, when applying more to her face in the club's toilets and threw a tantrum. 

Exclusively cut and made just for us! Chunky glitter hexagons come in a pocket sized 5g resealable pot, or larger bags of 10g, 25g or 50g. They're all cosmetic grade, so safe to use anywhere on your body.

Apply with either our latex based Peel Off Glitter Glue, or if you're allergic to latex you can use our water based Fine Glitter Fix Gel.