About us

MUOBU – Make Up or Break Up! We are the ultimate make-up shop located in the world famous Afflecks in Manchester on the second floor of this emporium of eclecticism.

We sell all your essential cosmetics under one roof. Everything from false Eyelashes and Scrunchies to UV Make-up and Glitter!

We even stock the full range of Crazy Color Hair Dyes and now have our own range of glitters and festival gems, that you won't find anywhere else! All our glitter and gems are custom cut especially for us and cosmetic grade, which means they are safe to use on your skin. Even better, they're all cruelty free and will biodegrade when you wash them off, so they won't hurt the oceans or sea life.

All at purse friendly prices!

To keep up to date with all our latest offers and products you can like us Facebook too at www.facebook.com/muobu