We only sell cosmetic grade glitter!

What is cosmetic grade glitter and surely everyone sells this?

When you want to wear glitter on your body or face, especially if it's going to be close to your eyes, then you need to make sure you only buy high quality, cosmetic grade glitter. Some other companies will try and pass off cheaper craft glitter as cosmetic, or not use the word cosmetic. We know, because we've bought from some of them, especially on sites like eBay.

So why is it important? Craft glitter is nearly always made of metal, normally aluminium. Imagine putting that on your face and it got in your eyes and started to scratch.

Cosmetic glitter is made from a plastic, normally a type of polyester. The glitter we sell is not only the real deal, but also biodegradable. More about why that is important here. Cosmetic glitter is also much finer (the technical term is milled) and has been cut into slightly different, far smaller, rounder shapes too, that can help reduce any type minor scratching.

That's not all, most craft glitters are still coated in a poly dye, which means the colour can bleed out onto your skin with moisture. I'm sure you've all seen it at a festival where someone has been left with coloured blotches on their skin. The colour pigments used in cosmetic grade glitters are non toxic.

 We hope that wasn't too much like a science lesson!

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